Technology Support Squad. Helping you set up and use technology. RNIB supporting blind and partially sighted people.

Back in the early nineties RNIB was rolling out a new electronic newspaper service. Technology sometimes goes wrong, so a band of volunteers emerged who would visit people’s homes and fix problems, often relating to the television aerial. This became the Computer Volunteer service, which helped blind or partially sighted people with computer related gremlins. RNIB has now developed this into the Technology Support Squad with over 800 volunteers across the UK.

We still sort out issues with computers, but now we’re often called to assist people with their televisions, mobile phones and tablets. If you are confident with technology and willing to spend some time helping people in your area, then please think about signing up. Blind or partially sighted volunteers are especially welcome.

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Most Saturday mornings I lace up my trainers and jog over to the parkland on the outskirts of my town, where I join a 5km run around the park and golf course. The Leamington Spa parkrun is  one of more than 200 events across the UK, and there are an increasing number springing up in other countries. Parkrun is free, open to everyone, and when you need a week off, then you can volunteer! I’ve had various roles, marshalling, barcode scanning, and human hazard warning, but I probably enjoyed tail runner best, as I could enjoy the scenic course and chat.